Kelocabay is a collection of Travel, Apparel and Home Accessories created locally using sustainable practices. Nature guided design, inspired by industrial nature and weathered coastal. All pieces are naturally dyed and manufactured in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Naturally light baggage in modern industrial Brooklyn.


Everyday adventures by the bay, in the city and along the coast.
Function and purpose are just as important in our core values as they are in the products we create. Bags are meant to function as storage on your journey and should allow for more efficiency in your daily routine. We designed our bag collection to help you create organizational systems that work for your individual style, daily grind, expedition, staycation or wherever life takes you. Quality craftsmanship and durability are very important to us. We work with local manufacturers in the NY garment center who are experts in the industry. They have been making bags and accessories for decades. A visit to the factory always brings stories of the heyday of what the garment district was before my time. I can still feel that energy and it adds to my love for the process of design ideation through to production. Developing this collection of products is just as exciting of a journey as creating its color from nature.
Bag production at the factory in Brooklyn, NY
Hand dyed // Hand waxed // Hand cut 
Passport bags being made.
Patty sewing with joy in the studio.
She works with us on sewing we do in house.
Home Grown Fresh Leaf Indigo.

Detox Fashion 

Soul. Function. Humane. Purpose.

At Kelocabay we believe in healthy materials, organic and plant based living, recycling, composting and always striving for zero waste. Making products in a way that is respectful to people, the planet and animals is what sustainability means to us. Respect for our environment and health are the main driving forces behind Kelocabay. We strive to give the world mindfully designed accessories using natural fibers, recycled fabrics and botanical dyes.  

Seasonless style, classic, timeless and meant to be worn all year long. We designed this collection of one of a kind pieces so they become part of your personal individual style.  

The special beauty of diversity in humans is the same as in plants and the dye they give us to create our accessories. Being different from one another and respecting each other's core values is what we stand for; respecting cultures in all its forms. We are people of all backgrounds and believe in learning and growing together. Through a shared respect and acceptance of different cultures, gender, race, orientation, class and beliefs, we create with hearts full of unity, love and peace. 

Floral mix bundle ready to unwrap and unfold the textile's individual beauty.

About Kelly

In the studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Kelly Bahash started Kelocabay as a way to give the world products that are made in the most ethical, sustainable and humane way she could acheive. Having spent years working in design in the fashion industry across multiple product categories and brands, she saw first hand the excess and pollution that her industry was creating in the world. This just didn't resonate with her environmental and humanitarian views. As a designer, she always knew she wanted to create a line that was from her vision. She let that happen slowly and organically. While still working in corporate, she started to learn more about sustainable design. This led her to leave her senior design position to focus fully on creating a product line that aligned better with her core values. This is when she discovered slow textiles and natural dyeing. It was the piece to the puzzle that birthed Kelocabay. The journey still continues and evolves as being a designer, natural dyer and creative entrepreneur. Her craft and path is always being guided by nature and what the world needs.
Planting Marigolds with her Grandma as a child.
Hanging with the Indigo and Dahlias in the Dye Garden.