Organic Gypsy Scarf // Sunshine Watercolor


Light, soft drape scarf. The perfect transitional travel piece. Warmth in the cooler seasons as a scarf. Easy breezy as a wrap in the warmer seasons. All season long as a head scarf on both your good or bad hair days.

  • Naturally dyed with plants and minerals
  • 100% organic cotton  
  • Hand frayed edge hem
  • 81" length x 23" width
  • Made in the USA

Note about sizing: Please note all Gypsy Scarves vary slightly in length. For sizing, follow the size indicated on each style if you are looking for a specific length.

Note about fabric: We offer this style in organic and non organic cotton bubble gauze.  The organic cotton version has a softer hand feel.  The cotton version has a slightly thicker weight.  Both are versatile and beautiful in their own ways.

Dye Plant Used: Iris flowers and stems

Plant Source: Flowers grown in our NJ garden.

Mordant: Aluminum Acetate sourced from Botanical Colors.

Note about mordants: Some plant materials require a mordant to help the dye bind to the fabric fibers. Even though metal mordants are safe, we are working to offer more styles with non metal mordants like soy milk which are free of metals. We also use some dye materials that are tannin rich, which means they do not need any additional mordants to bind to the cloth. Indicated on each style is the mordant used so we are transparent about what is and is not used in our dye process.  

Note about variations: All styles are dyed naturally by hand which makes each piece one of a kind by nature. If we have more than one of any color/print per style, they may vary slightly. We have been working to develop some colors and prints in our collection which can be recreated for more products to come. In designing and dyeing with nature, colors created may vary from season to season and plant to plant. If the color/print for each style is very different, we will show multiple pictures in the description for that style. Styles cut from the same cloth will vary slightly and we will indicate this on the product page as well.

Care: We recommend hand washing with PH neutral detergent.

Our fabrics are hand dyed naturally with plants and minerals. With time natural colors will age and evolve adding more unique character to your accessory. At Kelocabay we live in harmony with nature. We find inspiration in weathered beauty, which comes with age and time. We hope you enjoy watching the transformation of color as well. 

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